My collections items: bracelet „Up in the air”

DSC_0615Airy powder-pink dress, session on the roof and the sunset. What is more? You know that in every of my outfits must be something made by me. On my wrist you can see two gold bands and furry bracelet in the same colour as dress. It’s from a mink tail.

Majority of fashion bloggers write the same words about their outfits. I don’t want to do it, because it’s so stupid. Everyone who is looking at this post can see what i’m wearing on myself and what present my photos. I’m gonna to write only about made by me things and progresses.  So, in a couple of words… Now I’m making a small collection of furry essentials. You must wait for more…

Furry Bracelet- FASHIONTRICE

thin gold bracelet- Alex and Ani

gold bracelet- Tous

shoes- Michael Kors

dress- Olive des Olive

Place: Cagnes sur Mer, France


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