Furry items


All I adore in my everyday wardrobe is an explosion of accessories. Most wonderful are pieces made with different material and unusual structure. You could see some of my projects before, but today I mixed my favourite designs. Fur isn’t a material only for winter season. For me if it has a colorful design and pass to my outfit, I love to add it everywhere. I love too when someone comes to me with ask : ”wow, I like your accessories, Is it a natural fur?” and after you can recognzie a personality, because for plenty of people it’s disgusting… that’s true… fur in fashion buissnes is a specific material which separate two kinds of personalities: first for which natural furry things are terrible and twice for which it doesn’t matter is it a natural fur or not, if it is nice and fits good why not?

Colorful, furry bracelets, charm-balls, rings etc. are stylish additives to bags , necklaces and everything what you want. Beloved not only by internet fashionistas who wear Fendi, Anya Hidymach and Burberry charms and not only in winter (in next post there will be some inspirations of furry items wearing by fashionistas). I believe, it will get your attention to be a person who follow the crowd like everyone, be a someone who not share the crowd and pay attention on details, be different, add accessories 😉












Everything made by me, if you are interested in buying something, add a comment or send me an e-mail, because I’m thinking about making a small internet shop and now I want you to share me your opinion about my designs, is it ok?original?too controversial?etc… I’m burning of coriosoity to read your opinions.

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