Nowdays there are so many nutrition trends to be healthy, slim and fit using popular superfoods, supplements etc. Everywhere in the internet you can see videos of preparing healthy food, on instagram photos of that meals, in restaurants more vege dishes and in general less fast foods. Everything encourage you to start your new live, healthy live, from today. On shop’s shelfs are more magic supplements like spirulina, goji seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, chlorella… About them I heard and read many stories, that they have special vitamins, they can improve your energy etc… Acai berry is in the lead of all others natural supplements, it has the most numerous of benefits. Acai is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit. Research has shown that this antioxidant-rich berry may be able to fight the health problems associated with oxidative damage, not to mention many other health benefits.

However, why is it such popular??? Why people always tag #acaibowl under their healthy meals, different than acai berry????

A Great boom for acai had started in America few years ago when scientists from the USA after researches on nameless fruits from different parts of our planet, announced that berry “antioxidant-packed fruit on earth.” Supplement stores started carrying acai powders and capsules, private companies began selling ultra-expensive acai juices, and smoothie shops all over the country added “Acai bowls” – blended fruit smoothies with acai pulp and honey, topped with sliced bananas and granola – to their menus. In that time famous personalities had posted meals with acai on their social media accounts what interested followers. They wanted to eat the same healthy breakfast less in calories than normal sandwiches. Acai epidemic spread to other continents, in Poland there’s from this year maybe. Thanks for Acai lots of people make money opening restaurants or small shops, selling acai bowls or only making different recipes using that berry.

In Poland we can only buy Acai in shop in freezed-dry version. I always love start my day with another acai bowl. I always use mixed oats, semolina, chia, natural yoghurt or soy milk with fresh fruits sparkling by acai powder. It’s the best idea to start your day healthy with idea, that you did another or first good step in your daily nutrition.

Here are some ideas of acai bowls prepared by me. More photos you can find here . But in this post I wrote recipes for my lovely acai’s . Let’ s get inspire, motivate by my pics and just do it by yourself. There isn’t anything better than start or and your day with a bowl of vitamins.

  1. Purple blackberry mousse.


Ingredients: Strawberries, frozen blackberries, kiwi, goji seeds, chia seeds, oats, acai

How to make: You should mix strawberries, blackberries with acai powder. After pour it into a bowl sparkling chopped fruits , seeds oats  😉 EASY

2. Strawberry and oats


Ingredients: strawberries , bananas, kiwi, oats, soy milk, chia, cinnamon, acai

How to make:1: Mix strawberries with acai powder, cook oats with soy milk and chia in the pot.  2: Pour everything into a bowl and sprinkle chopped fruits on the top.

3. Apple blackberry ( my best <3)


Ingredients: 3 apples, blackberries, peach, banana, chia seeds, acai.

How to make: ( as classic) mix apples with half portion of blackberries and acai. Pour it into a bowl and sprinkle chopped fruits.  Remember to open your mind and create your own special set!

4. Semoilna & Passion fruit


Ingredients: Semolina, plant milk, cinnamon, acai , passion fruit.

How to make: Boil semolina in plant milk (abot 5 min), put it into a bowl and sprinkle cinnamon and acai. Remember to add and bring out inside of passion fruit.

6. Red fruits collage


Ingredients: Cherries, red currants, kiwi, goji seeds, plant milk, cinnamon, semolina

How to make: Boil semolina with plant milk (about 5 min), chop fruits and put it in artistic patterns on the top of tour semolina.

7. Natural yoghurt& cinniminis flakes


Ingredients: Natural yoghurt, CinniMinis flakes, pomegrante, peach, wild strawberries, acai cinnamon.

How to make: Put an yoghurt to the bowl and sprinkle it by acai powder, chop fruits and put it in the bowl.

8. Watermelon balls


Ingredients: Natural yoghurt, kiwi, watermelon, pomegrante, amaranthus

How to make? : Put natural yoghurt into bowl, add kiwi pieces, pomegrante , amaranthus and watermelon balls extracted by ice cream spoon.

9. Cottage cheese and forest fruits


Ingredients: Cottage cheese, blackberries, redberries, red currants, cinnamon, acai, oats

How to make: Suffuse oats and goji berries by hot water, Put cottage cheese into the bowl, add forest fruits, sprinkle by acai powder and cinnamon. In the end add oats.

10. Melon& forest fruits


Ingredients: 3 Apples, blackberries, blueberries, dry mulberries, forest fruits, amaranthus, chia, acai, melon, cottage cheese

How to make?: Mix apples with a half portion of blackberries. Add cottage cheese firstly, after pour it by mied appples and berries, put whole products on the top as you want. Chop melon and add it to the different bowl ( I hadn’t got a place for it).

So Enjoy your meal!

Let’s see more photos of my dishes:



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